Hello guys, I just became a FORBES COUNCIL MEMBER. This is huge. Thank you Jesus Christ my rock and saviorĀ #grateful


There is a FREE GRANT of N1,000,000 being given by my client QUICKTELLER. To apply for the grant click on this link: QUICKTELLER GRANT

Join THE FOH LETTERS (Paid Gang)

Every week I send an audio deep dive with case study sales and marketing teaching from an African view to those who subscribe to the paid version of my newsletter.

Here are the benefits

  1. They have a free zoom class with me every two months ( I gave you the one for March Free hope you enjoyed it)
  2. They get a sales assignment that they can use to help their business
  3. They use the audio to teach their staff: $5/ Monthly or $60/ Yearly. Click on the link below to pay the FOH LETTERS (Paid version link)

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