Hello Super Star!

Our “GROW YOUR SALES BY 50% OR MORE” Webinar holds on Sunday SUNDAY AUGUST 30, 2020 From 6 pm Prompt  (Nigerian Time)!!!

Be on top of your sales game at all times

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By 5:50 pm, I’ll go LIVE, and you’ll hear some music playing (make sure the app is open or else, you won’t hear anything To chat with me during the session, click on the CHAT button (for Android users), or the 3 horizontal lines for iPhone Feel free to do this now so you know it’s working. You can log in or WATCH in with any of your devices (phone, tablet, PC) and it doesn’t consume your data. Set a reminder on your device so you don’t forget to log in when it’s time.

I can’t wait to ‘meet you’ and hear your voice as well as answer your questions about sales and marketing