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About Africa's #1 Sales Coach

Paul Foh is Africa #1 Sales Coach. He is the Ceo of Katalyst Consulting, a sales recruitment and software company specialized in sales. He has spoken in the prestigious TEDx conference twice, also featured on CNN and other publications.

He has also been involved in sales training for salesteams of multinationals and banks inclusive. Banks such as GT-Bank, Stanbic IBTC , FirstBank, Heritage Bank. 

Paulfoh has helped over 30,000 business owners achieve great results in their businesses. With his sales skills, all you have to worry about is where to keep your money once the profits, starts pouring in.

Paul Foh is Nigeria’s Number one, SALES AND EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE SPEAKER. He is the CEO of Katalyst Consulting a company dedicated to inspiring and coaching organizations and individuals to CONTINUOSLY EXCEL. He speaks regularly internationally and within Nigeria.
He had his National Diploma from the Niger State Polytechnic in 1997 and his first degree from the Rivers state University of Science and Technology in 2001 on Business Administration with Marketing option. He also attended the Robert Simic Coaching Institute Dubai (Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coaching Professionals) in 2015

His personal breakthrough included but not limited to presentations offered at NAICE of Society of Petroleum Engineers in 2015, Fate Foundation in 2014 and Lanre Olusola coaching academy in 2010. He has also broken through national and international media publications. Besides, his eloquence had taken him to Kigali in Rwanda and Pretoria in South Africa. Paul Foh have spoken in several business fora, symposiums, conferences, trainings and seminars with exposure ranging from schools, companies and parastatals.
Paul Foh speaks on topics such as Building your personal brand, Exceptional Customer Service, Effective Presentation Skills, The power of your words and thoughts, Building your corporate brand, Winning At Work, Close Every Sale, Building Your Personal Brand and Personal Breakthrough Experience. He has also written four thought provoking and inspirational books which have earned him greater value.
A very hard working, eloquent and inspirational speaker, Paul Foh got his core values from Faith, Personal Responsibility, Family, Hard Work, Imagination, Giving, Knowledge and Wealth Creation.

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