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Sell Anything To Anyone 4-Weeks Online Live Course.

Learn how to sell anything to anyone, make sales consistently, increase your income or commission and make your dreams come through.

Sales can cure all your money problems. If you master the skill of selling you will never be broke another day of your life. I know you may be struggling financially now, you’re finding it very hard to pay your basic bills: food for your kids is like war, money to send to your parents is a prayer point. I feel you bro, I feel you sis. I was there a few short years ago until sales changed my life. Sales gives you a kind of agency or personal liberty that no profession can give to you. This is the reason why i am impolitely committed to living and teaching the principles of selling.



  1. Little of no results
  2. Lack of prospective clients to call
  3. A lot of objections
  4. A lot of rejection
Trust me I have been there before from hawking recharge card on Emekuku street in port-harcourt Nigeria to Nigeria’s #1 sales trainer doing sales training for GT BANK, ACCESS BANK, LEKKI GARDENS, MTN, etc…..

I can help you build a sales and marketing system that will ensure that you always have business and the way to convert them into paying clients.

By the end of this 4-week course you will learn

1. Exactly how and where to get new customers.

2. You’ll learn how to design a system that ensures you never run out of clients.

3. You’ll have and develop your own sales closing script for you and your team.

4. You’ll know the psychological hot buttons that make people buy and how to press them.

5. You’ll learn and know how to handle sales objections.


6. You’ll learn the sales script we used to get CHIVITA  a coca cola company as a client

7. You’ll know how to do Facebook ads that generate new leads for your business

8. You’ll know the mindset for winning in sales

9. You’ll learn how to generate, distribute and monetize content for sales

10. You’ll learn how to give outstanding customer service

11. You’ll learn how to make a sales pitch


About The Academy



Sell anything to anyone is a 4 week live online course where I and a group of global experts will teach you how to attract, retain, and multiply paying clients.

This class is a COHORT (A group of people with a common goal or you can call it a group class)

Cohort runs from 6th June to 27 June 2021

 Each week, we’ll have a combination of:

– Live Zoom lectures, 

– Q&A, 

– Homework video assignments, 

– Peer support sessions 

– Group co-working sessions 

to help you smash your sales goals, get more commission credit alerts, and live the life of your dreams.

Core Live Lectures will run once a week, on Sundays- 7pm

Each Live Session will have 60-90 minutes of teaching, followed by an open Q&A.

All the sessions will be recorded and (you’ll have a lifetime access to them) so you can always work through stuff at your own pace if you prefer that approach.

Each week, we’ll also have a series of Guest Workshops, Alumni Support Sessions and remote co-working sessions to help you get the most from the course.



About Paulfoh

Paul Foh is Nigeria’s #1 Sales Coach. He is the CEO of Katalyst Consulting, a sales recruitment, training, and software company. Paul Foh is also the CEO of 3D Transportation a company specialized in road transportation. He has spoken in the prestigious TEDx conference twice, featured on CNN, and other publications. He has done sales training for GT Bank, Lagos State Government and everything in between.

Guest Speakers

Bankole William

Bankole Williams is a Consultant par excellence and a Peak Performance Career Coach who has a proven record of helping organizations develop their human capacity to surpass their annual financial targets. .

Bankole William

Bella Victor

Bella Victor has empowered over 1000 student entrepreneurs and startups through his student business club and social media training and increasing their online presence. Bella is passionate about emerging technologies in the social space,

Bella Victor


Sales_Man_Obi Is a digital marketing and Sales expert. With Experience in marketing, sales and information technology, he help business owners and young entrepreneurs discover ways on how to plan, profit and produce result in their businesses.


John ObIdi

John Obidi is a foremost Online Business Coach and Speaker. He helps professionals achieve Authority Status in 90 days or less, using Social Media. He is also the founder of SmartBcamp.com, a community dedicated to closing the knowledge gap among working professionals in Nigeria.

John Obidi


Mrs Bukola Oloruntoba

Hello Coach Paul Foh, I did your 50 prospects exercise you taught during my coaching with you and I sold two flats at N14 Million each making it N28,000,000 thank so much

Fela Durotoye

Paul Foh has the clearest brand, he truly is Africa's Number One Sales Coach".


Hello Coach Paul Foh, We just did financials for the year after your sales coaching session with me we surpassed our target of N5,000,000. You instructed me to write a letter to myself the day we had a session in the coffee shop most of the things I wrote down happened. I have finally made a suit for you thanks boss

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